My Husband’s Father’s Day Gift Guide: Man, Is He Going To Be Disappointed

As promised, my husband is blogging his Father’s Day gift and by “blogging” I mean “emailing me his ideas with funny quotes.” I also mean “nobody got him any of these gifts.”


Scott is so cute and awkward. Oh, he's a great dad, too.

For the soccer dads with attitude

The new U.S. Soccer jersey
Scott says: You have to go with Michael Bradley on the Back and remind everyone how much they hated him 4 years ago and said he was only on the team because of his Dad (who ohh by the way is going to get Egypt to qualify for the World Cup – he must really suck as a coach).

The matching one for your kid
Scott says: Because really, its just ridiculously cute and sometimes seeing your kids in U.S. jerseys is more important than seeing yourself.

For the not-techy but loves gadgets dad

The newest iPhone
Scott says: Siri, teach me how to use a calander. Start with how to spell “calander”.

For the hippie/athletic/comfy dad

PrAna Men’s Stretch Pants for hiking, climbing, bouldering and being overly comfortable.
Scott says: My new cloth belt is tired of hanging out with my stuffy pants and longs for other hippy, fashion challenged friends to link up with. And yes, you probably will be stuck with me in public while I randomly alternate between capri and full pants (although these pants I could probably wear to work: PrAna Bronson Pants)

For the dad who likes to do stupid stuff

Make Magazine
Scott says: Because nothing says family fun like wanting to build your own hover craft for fathers day out of plywood, a shower curtain, patio chair and a leaf blower.

A hammock that’s also a tent
Scott says: Although just the plain old eno hammock in the back yard has been awesome and infinitely more useful than a classic hammock.

Yard storage
Scott says: Because Dads love storing [their stupid] stuff.

Wow, an entire post about how disappointed Scott’s going to be on Father’s Day. Awkward. Or I need to get shopping quick.

Disclaimer: Scott and I were not compensated for this post.

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3 thoughts on “My Husband’s Father’s Day Gift Guide: Man, Is He Going To Be Disappointed

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  2. And now Cort wants the new US soccer jersey too. Thanks a LOT, Scott.

    ps. he is going to be disappointed too.

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