Let me shop for the dads in your life

I love Father’s Day. But I dread Father’s Day.

My husband is notoriously hard to shop for, which he says just means I don’t know him very well. But things that I think he will like (touch screen friendly gloves), he hates, and things that I fear he will think are totally lame “dad gifts” (mocassin slippers) he adores. The man just keeps me guessing.

And don’t google Father’s Day gifts. Just don’t. No dad wants those things.

So since I have no idea what my husband will want for Father’s Day, maybe I’ll have a little more luck shopping for the dads in your life.

For the drinker: Do you have a guy who appreciates a good beer? Sign him up for the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club. Dad can kick back and experience a variety of handcrafted beers, domestic or international, delivered right to his door. They offer a special Father’s Day gift subscription, or you can choose from their many other subscription choices, ranging from $23 up to $69 per month.

beer of the month club

Are you shopping for more of a cocktail guy, a la Don Draper? Grab him a set of whiskey stones to keep his drink cold without watering it down. A friend of mine has these and loves them.

whiskey stones

For the connected cyclist: My brother in law is an avid cyclist. I wouldn’t want to miss out on his lastest Instagram shots of beautiful scenery or status updates complaining about how no one has respect for bikes on the road, right? Because in essence, it’s all about me anyway. The man needs an iPhone bike mount so I can stay up to speed.

iPhone bike mount

For the golfer: My golfing friend Chris has a habit of doing air swings during awkward silences. Now he can make sure his swing is up to par with the Undercover Golf Guide.

Undercover Golf Guide

For the funny guy: The Hubs has specifically requested absolutely no t-shirts this Father’s Day, but I know he would change his mind if he saw this Ron Swanson-esque gem from Parks and Recreation. Also, we found a picture of my dad from the 80s that looked just like Ron Swanson. So it’s more than just a character shirt for us. It’s family.

ron swanson tshirt

For the guy who doesn’t want to be sitting lopsided like George Costanza: Remember that Seinfeld episode where George’s wallet was so fat he couldn’t even sit properly? Dads definitely need to simplify with a Slim Fold Wallet. How much stuff does a guy really need to keep in a wallet, anyway? My husband is forever taking his out of his pocket and putting it in my purse, which is high on the annoying meter. Because again, it’s all about me anyway.

slimfold wallet

What we learned from this post: 1) There are a lot of really cool Father’s Day gifts out there that are beyond your average tie, picture frame, or set of grilling utensils; 2) I may have just found a gift for my own husband, and 3) you’ll have to wait and see what it is because it just may end up getting reviewed on this site.

Happy Father’s Day!

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