It’s a Canvas, People

We had family photos taken….over a year ago. Ask me how many I have printed out. Go ahead. Ask.

This is of no fault to the photographer. She’s wonderful. The photos were beautiful. But I’m a classic procrastinator, and before I knew it, almost 18 months had slipped by.

So when I was recently given the opportunity to order from Canvas People, I clicked through my eleventy billion photos on my computer and don’t you know that I couldn’t find one that was canvas worthy? And then I remembered that I had this whole slew of gorgeous photos that deserved printing, no matter how old they were. Bingo!

Right now, through May 13, 2012, Canvas People has a deal going on for $35 off any canvas and free shipping. Since I’m frugal, I ordered an 8 x 10 (normally $49.99), forked over the additional $14.99, and anxiously awaited my canvas.

The ordering process for Canvas People was super simple and easy to follow, as it should be. All you do is upload a photo, choose your size with the help of a handy dandy graphic that compares the size of the canvas to the size of your average 5’6″ graphic woman. If you like, you can change your photo to black and white, sepia or super enhanced colors for $9.95 a piece, and you can also tack on a frame for $14.99.

The only thing that frustrated me about the process was the photo sizing. In ordering the 8 x 10, a lot of my adorable photo got cut off, and I couldn’t expand the view.

Canvas People ordering process

Had I ordered the 24 x 36 canvas, the entire image would have been included, but a) it then told me that my image resolution was too low, b) I wasn’t about to spend $100 on a canvas, and c) 24 x 36 is an absurdly large size for a canvas of my girls kissing. So I stuck with the 8 x 10.

I received the canvas today, and I’m pretty happy with it. The colors are a much more intense than the original image, and the clarity in the photograph isn’t matched as well as I would like, but seeing as I have no experience in converting a digital photo into a canvas, I’m not sure what is expected as far as retaining the quality of the original. The color change was a surprise though.

Original photo

Canvas People canvas

Really bad photo of my canvas taken in poor light. With an iPhone. The grainy spots are actually a glare from my dining room light, but the enhanced color is accurate...and I didn't order enhanced color. And I so wish I'd gotten the whole image in there.

Despite the things I mentioned above, it’s still a beautiful photo of my girls. I mean, these gals are gorgeous! But would I have paid $50 for it? No. So yay for $35 off!


I was not compensated by Canvas People for this review. All opinions and adorable children are 100% my own.

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