Not To Be A Mom Cliche But I Want Sweatpants For Mother’s Day

People complain that I’m difficult to shop for. Probably because they aren’t trying hard enough and also I’m so simplistic in my needs. But to be the amazingly helpful mother that I am, I made the Late Enough version of a This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff Mother’s Day Gift Guide or LETBMFOSMDGG for short.

First, I spent some time thinking about what I wanted for Mother’s Day since I’m such a trendsetter. This took me hours and hours, and I realized that maybe I AM hard to shop for since I don’t even know what I want.

Finally, I remembered that I want to wear earrings again because my children are past the age of ripping them off to leave bloody pulps for ear lobes behind. {shudder} All the earring I own were bought 6-16 years ago so I can’t tell if they’re hip or not. I scroll through Amazon’s most popular jewelry recommendations for ideas and find a pair I love.


They are so shiny, and I want to pet them.

And then I realize Jordan Alexander Turquoise and Diamond Pinwheel Earrings are $5500. Um, what? I’m worried that I’ll lose them just by looking at them on amazon.

I begin to look around my workspace because I freelance write, blog and tutor and maybe I need something related to the thing that takes me away from my kids. Or something like that. Then I remember that my external hard drive is full and, also, full of pennies. Seriously, my kids put pennies in it, but it still worked for years until I filled it with work photos, which is exactly why I am asking for another Western Digital My Book Desktop External Hard Drive except with 1TB of space this time.


At least I'm not asking for it for my wedding anniversary.

Then I got real and also real uncomfortable sitting in real pants and thought: I could use some more sweatpants especially for the summer when I refuse to go out of the house.

I found Alki’i 2-Pack Junior Women’s lounge/workout/gym/yoga pants, which sound so versatile.

Or I would be down with getting the Football-style comfy pants because when I was a child, I wanted to be the first female football player. Plus, they come in red.

(I didn’t include photos because we should all know what sweatpants look like plus the models have flat stomachs, which is anti-mom and I will not stand for it.)

What I’ll probably get is a handmade card, the chance to lay in bed all day, sushi for lunch and lots of snuggles. I can’t buy that in a store. Well, except the sushi. And the bed. And the supplies to make the homemade cards. Okay, fine get me a present while you’re out.

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  1. GenieInABlog says:

    Keepin it real! Well, except for the earrings.

    My kids think their space heaters are piggy banks. Awesome.

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