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Two weeks ago, I wrote about finding my unhip glasses. Some readers became enamored with the virtual mirror because it was awesome. Conveniently, GlassesUSA.com created an embeddable widget for us to try on eyeglasses and we are the guinea pigs! (Aw, aren’t we cute.)

Now, not everyone needed the ease of the widget. Walt was so inspired by my red eyeglasses frames that this popped up on my Facebook.


Awkward solidarity FTW

But for the rest of us lazy introverted glasses wearers, trying them on from our home is too much fun.

While I loved playing around with the virtual mirror on GlassesUSA.com, the embedded widget does not adjust to the size of the content column automatically and changing the coding cut off the widget. 650 pixels wide is large so I think most blogs will struggle with this. I also couldn’t access more than the first page of glasses even when I took out my sidebar to reach the button. Lastly, the photo is distorted so the widget does not do a great job at being a virtual mirror nor can I share the pictures of me as they readjust the glasses (see below).

Here’s me in eyeglasses I would actually buy but from the widget (cut out):


Love these glasses but my face is definitely not that oval.

Here’s the photo after I shared it:


I'm not even wearing the glasses.

Here’s me from the website after sharing it (the photos were identical-sharing is just easier than cut and paste):


Hipster Alex is terrifying.

I still had blast making myself a hipster, having found my favorite pair, and of course, trying on a pair I’d actually wear, but I’ll stick to doing it on the website while GlassesUSA works out the embedded widget’s kinks. But I hope they do because the online virtual mirror is the only reason I would consider buying glasses online for the first time.

UPDATE: The wonderful people at GlassesUSA.com solved the sharing issue. Please follow these steps to have the glasses stay on your face:

  1. After uploading your picture, you must only click “Try On” on a pair of frames
  2. From that point you adjust your picture accordingly
  3. Only once it’s adjusted can you then choose “Compare” for a few different frames
  4. Then “Share” them accordingly.

In other words, the bottom compare panel is actually a saved picture; therefore, if you adjust your picture after adding them to the compare panel, it wont save that way.

Test it out and let me know!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by GlassesUSA.com, and I was compensated accordingly. The opinions are my own, and the glasses are virtual.

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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    I like hipster Alex!

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