The Best Homemade Valentine Tutorials

I have a real issue with the boxes of pre-made, fill-in-the-blank, Power Rangers valentines that line the shelves this time of year.

Mostly because “Power Rangers” just don’t say, “I’m your friend.”

So I thought I’d try to find some fun and cute homemade Valentines to send to school with Joseph this year. And, because V-day is in a week, I wanted to be sure that they’re easy. As in really easy. And you, lucky readers, get to reap the benefits of my Googling.

1. Rust & Sunshine Color by Number Valentines

There are several things I adore about these Valentines. First, there is no candy but there are crayons. Don’t look at me that way! I love candy as much as the next person. I just don’t want to have to fight my children for it. Second, I appreciate the educational factor of color by numbers.  What? I do. Third, the PDF is free.

2. The Long Thread Heart Shaped Homemade Crayons

This crayon project is all over Pinterest right now. Every mother and her brother are buying heart-shaped molds to melt and mold crayons. Fortunately, I bought some on clearance last year and have never used them. Which means they’ll be used this year. Plus, this tutorial includes an adorable PDF for the card. Gotta love the colorful rainbow card.

3. Made Heartbreaker Valentines

I saw these a few months back and immediately pinned it. If I’m going to give candy out to the kids, I want it to be interactive. These do not, in any way, shape or form, reflect my current Valentine’s Day feelings. I just love that with a stapler, some colorful paper, and yet another free PDF, the kids and I can make some pretty fun and groovy Valentines.

4. Martha Stewart’s Heart and Lollipop Flowers

I knew Martha would have some great ideas and she, per usual, did. While this one involves lollipops, I couldn’t resist. Especially knowing I’d have plenty of those little DumDums left over to share with the kids. Okay. Fine. I probably won’t share the root beer flavored ones.

5. Martha Stewart’s Secret Message

Okay. I admit it. I’m not even going to attempt this one. But seriously, the Queen of All Things Crafty really outdid herself with this one. I means, seriously? Homemade 3D glasses?

Disclaimer: None of the above blogs compensated me for these links. If any of them would like to send me a Valentine in thanks, I prefer chocolate. And Martha? I’d love some of your homemade chocolate lava cake with grenache and raspberry topping. Just throwing it out there.

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