Awesome Giveaway Fridays: 2/25-3/3

Welcome back to our Awesome Giveaway Fridays series.

(Yes, we are trying out a new name, thanks for noticing!)

If you would like your giveaway featured here, please email us or fill out the form found here: Awesome Giveaway Fridays.

Win a $1000 at
Giveaway ends: Sunday 2/27
Click here to win!

Win a Apple iPad Giveaway at
Giveaway ends: Wednesday 3/2
Click here to win!

Win a pair of Dansko clogs at All Things Fadra
Giveaway ends: Wednesday 3/2
Click here to win!

Win a Too Pretty Cupcake Kit from Cupcake Swirl at Kitchen Belleicious
Giveaway ends: Friday 3/4
Click here to win!

Win a Open Heart Necklace Valued at $95 at The Giveaway Diva
Giveaway ends: Tuesday 3/8
Click here to win!

Happy winning!

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  1. andygirl says:

    dude. crossing my fingers for that iPad!

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